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Monday Brain-Meal #1; link-love to relieve Mondayitis.

September 26, 2011

Monday’s cop their fair share of flack. As people begrudgingly clip their corporate shackles back into place, or slink bleary-eyed into the lecture hall, Monday can feel like a right pain in the glut.

My advice?

1. Get a better job! In fact, screw convention and become a Jaques of all trades à la Tim Ferris. Study something you love. Take the road less traveled (and more clichéd!). What’s stopping you?

Did I solve your burning existential, mid-life crisis? No?

Well, in the interim…

2. Indulge in some linky-dinky interweb love. Surely I’m not the only one who relishes reading a host of nerdy articles on my iPhone while squished on the morning commute? Nothing takes away the pain of having to inhale a bus-full of business-jocks’ Old Spice more than engrossing health journalism.

For your reading pleasure.

  •  I *love* Sarah Wilson. She is pretty much my health, lifestyle and super-woman idol. Her articles never fail to stimulate the nether regions of my brain (not those nether regions), and if you’re not already up on her blog, it’s time you filled that gaping void. This article on fructose is one of the most accessible summaries on the dangers of sugar to date. I’m sure you’ll continue trawling from there. Thank me later.
  • This isn’t an article as such, but a beautiful website you can look to for makin’ the happy times. Daily Om, daily awesome!
Happy reading head-planters! Let’s make Monday stimulating, like ginseng.
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