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Why care about health?

August 9, 2012

We all occupy a body, a mind and (depending on how much incense you’ve burned that day) a soul. These humanly attributes provide the basic conditions for life; they form an inhabitable, fleshy home – our own personal universe.

Without the gift of health however, we cease to revel in the joy of living. Our entire existence is dependent on the certainty that we can wake up each day and do humanly things; eat, laugh, travel, love, be.

Swinging like a loco on a flying fox is an essential, healthful practice.

If the body and mind are ailing and inhospitable, there is no alternative residence. We need a healthy torso to house efficient organs, to propel limber limbs, to grasp and seize at the juicy stuff in life. And perhaps more importantly, we need a well-oiled brain to be cognizant of the beauty that surrounds us, daily.

Why care about health, you ask? Why take it for granted?! It represents everything we will ever achieve, experience, feel and discover.

(Freedom from degenerative illnesses and incontinence pads is pretty sexy too.)

The populations of the developed world are rapidly succumbing to diseases of lifestyle, opulence and ignorance. Ignorance that sees us force-feeding ourselves sugar, adulterated oils and frankenfoods only to rely on the remedy of a pill. We are turning our livers to foie gras, our bellies to jelly and our brains to boiled cauliflower. 

Without the proper input of fuel, basic functions begin to suffer. We wake up feeling gloomy, blaming external circumstances, relationships, stressors. Whereas the real culprit could in fact be hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, and an absence of the co-factors required to literally create the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood. We wouldn’t expect our pot-plant to thrive in a bucket of ash; why should we be any different? Water, sunlight, nutrients and the occasional trim with hedgeclipperes are essential for growth.

Beginning to take responsibility for our health also triggers something deeper. The very act of questioning what we eat, who is selling it to us and why, sets in motion a chain of positive events; we begin to delight in our sudden freedom. We are not at the mercy of ‘villainous’ modern diseases; rather we can actively take steps to prevent their occurrence. Getting old, becoming senile and belligerent may not be awaiting us after retirement. Hurrah! Headaches, dull-skin, constipation, bloating and fatigue become faint relics of a forgotten state. We feel better than ever as our bodies hum efficiently, our thoughts clear and minds focused on the things that make us happy.

Taking care of your physical body sends the powerful message that you are worth looking after; that you love yourself unconditionally and deserve to have the greatest, most adventure-filled and laughter-infused life imaginable.

If you’re ready to view things from a new perspective, start prioritising diet, lifestyle and positive emotions. Let them be the launching pad for big, graceful leaps in the direction of your dreams, or whatever else you care to tackle.

It all starts with health, people.

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